Palm Trees
Phoenix Sylvestris (Sylvestor Date-palm) is just one of our specialty palms we carry. We also carry Alexandra-palm, Bismarck-palm, Canary Island Date-palm, Coconut-palm, Fishtail-palm, Foxtail-palm, Queen-palm, Royal-palm, Washington-palm etc.

Nursery Plants and Trees
Goldmound shrubs are a south Florida lanscape staple. We also carry many of your favorite choices i.e. Mondo-grass, Fakahatchee, Junipers, Ground Orchids, Flax-lily, Foxtail-fern, Ruellia, Orange firecracker, Ixora, Trinette, Crotons, Eugenia, Cocoplum, Podocarpus etc.
Palmetto Variety, Flortam and Bahia grsses are the two more popular sods we carry.

We have all the neccesary equipment to complete your project.